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Neuro & Spine Surgery

We have indoor neurosurgery in the form of brain surgery and spine surgery to encapsulate and protect the spine, support the skull and enable multiple head movements.


We have facilities for brain, spine, spinal cord and peripheral vein surgery in neurosurgery. We have neurosurgeon complex surgery microscope facility to perform the surgery. Chronic conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia require lifelong medication, which can now be cured with micro-neuro surgery. The complex tumor is erased without any damage to the brain or any other part. Complicated tumors have also been successfully treated in elderly patients. Such results are possible only with Shalby's team of skilled and dedicated surgeons, nursing and paramedical staff, regular training and continuous medical and surgical updates.

Spine Surgery

Vedant Multispeciality Hospital have state-of-the-art surgical instruments care unit, imaging equipment and adopt the latest technologies for spine management. Our team of experts in best spine surgeons & doctor. We performs Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries (MISS) which not only helps fast recovery but also ensures restoration of spine movements with pinpoint precision. Vedant proved capabilities in Spine management include pain-free replacement of intervertebral discs, specialized physiotherapy, medical and surgical expertise and optimum post-operative care.